Mya and Crash

Educational children's books

Educational children's books

Educational children's booksEducational children's books


KATIE PETRINEC is author of the science-based children’s book series,  Mya and Crash. Her books are inspired by her daughter Mya and their old dog, Crash.  

Through Mya and Crash’s crazy adventures, Katie introduces science topics to young readers all over the world.

Katie has a background in Marine Science and Forest Ecology, she is a devoted wife, a mother of two, and she is a jewelry artist.  She lives with her family in Saint Augustine, Florida and can often be seen at the Amphitheatre Farmers Market on Saturdays selling her historic map jewelry and her new book.  Katie loves the idea of making science fun and interesting for elementary students and encourages youngsters to pursue careers in science!      

About Mya and Crash


Mya is a fun-loving and free-spirited girl that loves hanging out with her best dog friend, Crash.  

Over the years Mya and Crash have shared many follies and like most siblings and have this love-hate relationship. 

Crash has one problem and it’s a big one. It overpowers him and often gets him into trouble with Mya – he eats everything! Mya will color and Crash will eat her crayons, Mya will get a new stuffed animal and Crash will pull out all of the stuffing….it goes on and on.  

It’s these lovable characteristics of Mya and Crash that are the inspiration behind the series.